AdEva ReWrite


From the resounding success (?) of Adeptus Evangelion comes ReWrite, the Unearthed Arcana to AdEva's PHB. Stuffed full of optional rules, retooled and new pilot careers, along with revised Angels, it promises to take AdEva into an even greater level of rules-confusion but blatant coolness.


Basic InformationEdit

ReWrite is the next 'book' in the AdEva series giving new options to both GMs and Players in how to run and play the game. Currently in the alpha-stage of development, its planned release is unknown.

Confirmed EntriesEdit


A new Career described as an AT Technician and Berserker hybrid, it brings AT powers into close combat while also having a few new tricks up its sleeve. Its fluff is that of the pilot's Eva becoming more Angelic.


The flip-side to the Apostles, Champions are a new Career who use the power of the Eva to its full potential laying waste to both the environment and the enemy.


A new Career where the Pilot customizes their Eva into strange new forms, incorporating advanced technology. A pilot in this Career can easily pilot any Eva regardless of strange limbs or several dozen weapon systems.

Field MarshallsEdit

Tired of your OD having to give orders from an underground bunker with no true part in combat? With the new Field Marshall career, those days are over. Lead from the front, keeping your team alive with your tactics and sane with your charisma while also fighting Angels in your own Eva or T-RIDEN-T.


A mix of spy and scientist, this new OD career allows for the creation of a suave, ultra-connected OD or one more into mad science.

Replacement Ranks for all CareersEdit

Want to try something new? Why not have your character have a little taste of another Career? These replacement ranks will allow you to do just that.

New Distinguishing Features SystemEdit

ReWrite brings a new way for players to choose the features of their Evas through a mix of positive, negative and neutral traits to mix and match with. Instead of being random, this system allows the building of interesting new Evangelions through choice.

New Upgrade OptionsEdit

From new armor types to new weapons and advanced plugsuit designs, your Upgrade Points won't be going to waste.

Revised BerserkingEdit

New Angel Generation SystemEdit

New Options for SurplusEdit

Ever wanted your Base of Operations to have a swimming pool? Or perhaps a gigantic pool of sulfuric acid to dump unsuspecting Angels into? These new options might be for you.

Tentative PlansEdit

Rejected IdeasEdit


A Career based around stealth and in-and-out tactics. Consensus was agreed that stealth in a thing quite so large was flawed in concept, and the "final" career path created for them was horrendously overpowered. Warp Weapons at rank 3? For 100xp? That's just silly.

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