AdEva Borderline

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Team Evangelion.

Born of the fires of rage experienced during the development of Adeptus Evangelion 2.5, AdEva Borderline is a separate edition of AdEva, complete except for the fact that it lacks angelgen, which is due in the next edition.

The original pre-release thread is archived here (alt archive).

Even if you are not planning on running Borderline, it may be a good read for Chapter 10: Variant Rules. Some items and upgrades are interchangeable with 2.5.


You can find Borderline Edition here, and a collection of links and resources here. The IRC channel for this is #AdEvaBorderline on Rizon.


  • Chapter 1: Character Creation.
    • Four backgrounds: Neospartan, Prodigy, Manufactured, Survivor
    • Assets, Drawbacks, and Significant Assets/Drawbacks
  • Chapter 2: Careers
    • Berserker, Skirmisher, Pointman, A.T. Tactician
  • Chapter 3: Skills and Talents
  • Chapter 4: Evangelions
    • Eva creation, movement, falling damage
    • Berserking, and the Berserk Types
    • Distinguishing Features: 10 each of History, Construction, Mutation, and Soul DFs
    • Customization
      • Biological upgrades: Natural Weapons, S2 Generation
      • Structural upgrades: Ablative Upgrades, Entry Plugs, Wing Loadouts
      • Weapon upgrades: New weapon qualities, Melee and Ranged Weapons.
      • Plugsuits
  • Chapter 5: New Rules
    • Sync Ratio: Feedback, Disruption
    • Ego Barrier, and Reconstitution
    • Time Management: An additional way to increase all characteristics
  • Chapter 6: Combat
    • Angel Detection, Angel Analysis, Base of Operations, Conventional Forces, Defeat, N2 Mines, Collateral, Surplus/Research/Repair
    • Eva and Angel Critical Effects
  • Chapter 7: Absolute Territory
    • Mechanics, Breach, and ATS
    • AT Powers
  • Chapter 8: Operations Director's Handbook
    • OD Talents
    • Spending Surplus and Research
  • Chapter 9: Angels
  • Chapter 10: Variant Rules
    • Re-balancing, Condensation, Alternate Gear, Alternate Ego/Insanity, etc
  • F.A.Q and Errata
    • Rules and design clarifications

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