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Abeil are a race of humanoid bees in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Unlike the Thriae of Golarion, who are comprised exclusively of sexy bee-women, the abeil are a race with both male and female genders; only the ruling queens, who serve as the foundation for their telepathic hive-minds, are exclusively female.

Abeils are insectlike humanoids known for their industriousness and their complex social structure. They are commonly referred to as “bee people.” Their society has an expansionist philosophy—a fact that troubles those whose lands they intrude upon. Rather than resorting to war, abeils prefer to overcome rivals through superior resourcefulness and industry.

An abeil looks like a cross between an elf and a bee. The race is divided into three distinctive castes; Thrall, Soldier and Queen, each of which is reinforced by biology. A vassal or queen stands more than 7 feet high and has slender but sinewy legs and arms. A soldier is at least 10 feet tall and considerably more muscular than either of the other two varieties. An abeil’s hands and feet have four digits each. Its body is covered with bristly fur, colored in alternating bands of black and yellow. The creature’s head and facial features resemble those of an elf, except that the abeil has black, faceted eyes and long antennae. Like a bee, an abeil has translucent wings. Abeils speak Common, Elven, and Sylvan.

Vassals are the backbone of abeil society. It is they who provide the menial labor for the hive. They gather pollen, maintain the hive-city, and obey their queen’s every command. Vassals produce the necessary goods for the abeil society, provide both mundane and specialized services, and advance the culture and technology of their hive city. A few even choose to leave behind their mundane tasks and pursue more individualistic paths, such as philosophy, art, religion, and politics. These abeils form an elite conclave called the vassal court that reports directly to the queen and serves as her council.

Soldiers account for fully a third of an abeil hive-city’s population. The soldiers are the queen’s army — the first and last line of defense for their hive. They are trained to respond swiftly to any danger. Soldiers consider most nearby civilizations to be threats and treat uninvited visitors with grave suspicion. All abeils can produce a slumber-inducing buzzing sound by vibrating their wings, and sting with a venomous stinger. Soldiers have the unique ability to generate a destructive sonic pulse whilst in flight, called a Stormwing attack.

At the pinnacle of any abeil society is the queen, who rules with absolute power. All the abeils in her realm live and die at her command. Though she was born to rule, the typical queen routinely seeks the advice of her court before committing to any major decisions. The queen selects a mate from her vassal court and personally rears future queens. Each hive-city maintains 1–5 juvenile queens in addition to the reigning queen. Each such young queen has the same statistics as a vassal.

The hive-city is the central hub of the abeils’ busy society. Vassals buzz here and there, ensuring that vital city services continue, while patrols of soldiers vigilantly keep the peace and protect the hive against outside threats. Abeils are highly imperialistic, though they are not so much concerned with conquering other races as they are with setting up new hive-cities. Nevertheless, this goal puts them into conflict with nearly every other race they encounter, since socieities in their path must fight for space and resources or be pushed out by the abeil civilization. When a hive-city becomes too large, one of the young queens is given a substance called royal jelly, which converts her into a full-fledged queen. She then takes twenty vassals and five soldiers and leaves to set up a new hive-city at a previously scouted location.

Although abeil have the subtopic "Abeil Characters" in their entry in the Monster Manual 2 for 3rd edition, where they debuted, they don't have a proper PC race writeup, being one of those "infer the crunch from the monster stats" races.

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