Golden Key
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Golarion
Portfolio Inner Sea: Cities, law, merchants, wealth.
Tian Xia: All of the above plus walls, ditches, earthworks.
Domains Earth (Metal), Law (Inevitable, and Legislation subdomains), Nobility (Aristocracy, Leadership, and Martyr subdomains), Protection (Defense, and Fortifications subdomains), Travel (Trade subdomain)
Home Plane Aktun, Axis
Worshippers Judges, merchants, lawyers, aristocrats.
Favoured Weapon Light Crossbow

Abadar is the Golarion god of law, trade, and cities. Since Aroden is dead and Irori is so focused on Monks, he's effectively the default lawful neutral deity. His temples double as banks. In Starfinder, this is taken to the logical extreme of becoming the deity of a literal Megacorporation, albeit a lot nicer than the ones in, say, Shadowrun.

Abadar is among the deities who sealed Rovagug. At the same time, he admits he is "far from the eldest of Axis’s inhabitants", but is respected enough there (and his elders presumably disinterested enough) to be the plane's defacto ruler. There he makes his divine realm Aktun, which serves as Axis's capital. Rare for a non-good aligned plane, it's a pretty nice place for mortals to visit, requiring no magical protections for visiting primes, with the worst that can happen to be chaotic characters take the normal out of alignment penalties. Within this city is the First Vault, which holds perfect versions of everything, the perfect sword and even the perfect law.

Abadar encourages his followers to obey the law unless it is "contradictory, toothless, or purposeless". When a law is unjust, Abadar demands his followers to reform it internally.

Abadar does not do charity. All spells must be purchased and all services must be paid. Similarly, his church does not give charity, only loans. His church does, however, invest in the local economy. He favors imperialism (but not slavery), seeking to uplift those who have yet to attain the light of technology and commerce.

In Tian Xia Abadar has a slightly broader portfolio, but the same domains. With Torag out of the picture, he's in charge of fortifications and structures that expand civilization's reach. Instead of a gold armored Taldan, he's portrayed as a Tian Shu (Chinese) man in golden robes with muddy bottoms.

His clergy is forbidden from fighting each other. Thankfully, despite being a neutral deity, evil-aligned clergy of his are rarely seen in Pathfinder's published material. In Adventure Paths you face more enemy servants of Pharasma than Abadar.

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