A Red and Pleasant Land

A Red and Pleasant Land
Setting published by
Self published
Rule System Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Authors Zak S.

A Red and Pleasant Land is a setting for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, written by Zak S. The setting describes Voivodja, the Land of Unreason, a chessboard-like country inspired by Alice in Wonderland torn by a war between four different vampire houses. It's a pretty weird setting, in case you didn't figured it out by now.

The Land of UnreasonEdit

Voivodja looks like a giant chessboard: ruins and forest neatly divided in squares by rivers. Note that beyond the exotic factor, this fact has a major importance: your main enemies (or allies) are going to be vampires... which cannot cross running water.

Upon the squares of the chessboard the players will mostly find abandoned buildings, weird gardens, or hidden human villages. It is mostly a white canvas for the GM to draw upon really, alongside some interesting random encounters and a fucked-up bestiary

The most important places in Voivodja (and the ones which are actually described in details in the book) are the castles of each of the two main vampire houses, Castle Cachtice and Castle Poenari. Speaking of which...

The Vampire HousesEdit

As mentioned before, four different vampire houses are waging war across Voivodja. At the beginning of the game, only the Red King and the Heart Queen are openly at war. The two other factions are neutral, and will only pick side once the PCs show up and get involved in politics.

The houses are as follow:

  • The house of Vlad Vortigen, the Red King.
  • The house of Elizabeth Bathyscape, the Heart Queen.
  • The house of the Pale King and his Mad Hatter.
  • The house of the Colorless Queen of Nephilida, the Half-Drowned Isle.

The AliceEdit

The Alice is a new character class for LotFP. The Alice is a variant of the Specialist (though with weaker stats and skills at first level) with some gimmicks.

Their main gimmick is called Exasperation, and allows them to roll once every real-time hour on a random-effect table. It ranges from a secret door conveniently appearing out of nowhere to a sympathetic talking object or animal helping the Alice. Note that every effect is strictly beneficial, despite this being LotFP.

Upon gaining a level, the Alice must roll on a random-bonus table. Some bonus are more powerful than other, but once again everything is strictly beneficial.