ANZAC Mechanized Platoon

"Shoot straight, you bastards! Don't make a mess of it!"

– Harry "Breaker" Morant, to his firing squad

In Team YankeeEdit

Fuckin 'ell Jeff, can ya shoot straight ya cunt?

The ANZAC mechanized platoon is an M113 mounted infantry unit that has the firefighting capability of a US mech platoon and the anti-armour weapons of a British Mechanized platoon.

Depending on your list, your platoon serves two very different roles: holding the line in foxholes as an infantry comapny or pushing into rough terrain with your tanks in an armoured company. Suited to long-range firefights against enemy infantry, the ANZACs are one of the only infantry that can engage other infantry up to 16" with FP5+ alongside the Panzergrenadiers. Unlike the Americans and West Germans, the ANZACs brought the Carl Gustav for their anti-tank duty: a far better weapon for attacking with since it has slow firing instead of no shots at all on the move. Combined with 3+ skill, you have a unit that excels on the attack and defends very well.

Based on equipment alone, the ANZACs are easily one of the most dangerous infantry platoons to face up close. They might not have the 3+ assault ratings of British infantry, but your firepower alone can rip Ivan's infantry a new one. Even tanks aren't safe, with the CG going through a T-72's side armour half the time: remember, you only need to kill one tank to make your points back.

A 5 point platoon gets you 3 M60 teams, 2 Carl Gustavs and 3 M113s. A 7 point platoon gives you 4 M60s, 3 Carl Gustavs and 4 M113s. Unlike the British, you do not have access to Mortars or added MILAN teams, which means you won't be popping smoke and won't be nearly as proficient at killing tanks as your brothers from the Mother Country.


While the Australians had already adopted the Steyr AUG by 1985, New Zealand would not do it for a few more years. Team Yankee depicts the L1A1 as the standard rifle of ANZAC, which is fair since the Australians wouldn't exactly let them rot in a warehouse during a hot war.

ANZAC Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Leopard AS1
Transports: M113 (T50)
Infantry: ANZAC Mechanized Platoon - Milan AT Section
Artillery: M125 Mortar Platoon
Anti-Aircraft: M113 Redeye SAM section
Tank Hunters: AT Land Rover
Recon: Scorpion - M113 MRV - M113 LRV
British Support: Abbot Field Battery - M109 Field Battery - FV432 FOO - Harrier Jump Jet - Lynx HELARM