This machine hates Russian Engineering.

"Nor ours the shout of victory, the fame Of them that vanquish in a stricken field."

– John McCrae

One of the unicorns in Team Yankee, the ADATS is still a welcome addition to the Canadians. Though it never saw function until after the Team Yankee timeframe, here it is, making the board a much more dangerous place for PACT players. A complex system, the Canadian Forces saw a clear use in having the device, considering in part the lack of a major ATGM system and a need for a more advanced air defense system. The ADATS met this somewhat unique demand, and so it is often associated in media with Canadian ground forces of the period.

In Team YankeeEdit

ADATS a spicy meat-a-ball!

There's no kill like overkill, and good Lord above, does this thing scream overkill.

Do you see that Hind? The ADATS can kill it. What about that Frogfoot? The ADATS can kill it. Over there, do you see that T-72? The ADATS can easily kill that from across the whole damn board. The only thing the ADATS has a hard time murdering is infantry. But that's just fine, since this thing should be parked firmly in your backline, and your Leopard C1's should have already turned the enemy infantry rush into a fleshy, communist-flavoured puddle. It's also safe to beware of the fact that the ADATS has a minimum range of 40cm, though you should be avoiding being in range of enemy armour to begin with. You outrange damn well everything, anyway. In other words... Fuck your tank, fuck your helicopters, fuck your APC, and fuck that artillery piece. Now in one unit.

What you should be taking away from this, is that the ADATS is flexible. Whatever you deem to be the biggest threat to your models on the board, that's what the ADATS should be shooting at. The rest of your list is fairly flexible as well, so you should be able to commit this specific model to countering large threats without sacrificing that turn's worth of firepower. If your opponent didn't put their artillery behind cover, punish them for it. If they managed to get their shoddy Russian tanks around on your flank, send them into the shadow realm from the comfort of your backline. If your opponent has brought so many Hinds as to make the air cavalry blush, co-operate with your Blowpipes to clear the skies. Once those big threats have been dealt with, you can focus on dealing with whatever other spam your PACT players have brought this week.

The ADATS is surprisingly cheap for what it is (2.5pts per model), but the player can only take either two, four or six of them. You'll probably never find yourself in a situation where you need to take all that many, but it's good to have as a backup. The trick is to not take any more or less than you need. Too many, and you're burning points that could be better spent on Leopards. Too little, and you're passing up on an all-purpose vehicle-killer that can threaten nearly everything from anywhere on the map. In other words, always take it to fight those fatter PACT tools, but don't take the 6 or even 4-strong option for low-point games where just two of them are enough to sweep the board of pesky T-72s.

While the ADATS is unmatched in its anti-air and anti-armor efficiency, do note that in the CURRENT meta of Soviet infantry spam (BTRs or BMPs) the ADATS would be deadweight against such numerable and lightly armoured targets. Treat this as a tech-unit for future metas, awful against infantry-centric lists but pivotal to winning against armored and airborne lists when playing the Canadians: it looks weird, and is also one of the strongest support units in the game.


It is said that the rockets are fueled by a dark, unholy cocktail of Canada Geese blood and freshly shed communist tears.

The first guided missile system expressly designed to engage both aircraft and armored vehicles. The name itself is an allusion to this mission, being short for "Air Defense Anti Tank System" its development was long and troubled, Only two countries of the expected 10 actually made orders for the ADATs system. Canada and Thailand are the only operators of the system and no replacements for the system are in development. Well at least it wasn't the Sgt. York 2.0!

Canadian Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Leopard C1
Transports: M113 APC
Infantry: Canadian Mechanized Platoon
Artillery: M109 Field Battery - M125 81mm
Anti-Aircraft: ADATS - M113 Blowpipe
Tank Hunters: M150 TOW
Recon: Lynx RECCE Patrol - M113 OP
US Support: M1 Abrams - M60 Patton - US Mech Platoon - A-10 Warthog
WG Support: Leopard 2 - Marder Panzergrenadiers - BO-105P - Tornado