Its a boat, with tracks!

The AAVP7 (Assault Amphibious Vehicle, Personnel 7) is a tracked amphibious assault landing vehicle employed by the United States Marine Corps. The AAVP7 is armed with a MK19 40mm automatic grenade launcher and a coaxial M85 .50cal. Crewed by four and with enough space to load up to 25 men, two AAVP7s are quite capable of carrying an entire Marine platoon to the beaches of a foe and beyond.

In Team YankeeEdit

The Stats

OOH-RAH Marines! Our AAVP7 is the largest transport in the entire goddamn game. Capable of carrying a full 7 infantry teams into battle, more than twice that of any other tracked personnel carrier. It also has the strongest frontal armor of any transport, tied with the M113 at an armor rating of 3 (in fact its more like an overgrown M113 than we would care to admit THATS ENOUGH OF THAT BULLSHIT PVT. PYLE! DO YOU SUCK DICKS?!). Aside from carrying more than double the number of infantry teams then that other amphibious transport the AAVP7 has a 40mm Grenade launcher in addition in to its .50 AA MG. Both weapons are good for suppressing enemy infantry but will struggle against any armor it runs up against.

Marine Rifle Platoons get 2 of these amphibious monsters, which with a combined max occupancy of 14 is fully capable of transporting the entire unit. This lethal combo will cost you 6 points at minimum strength, 9 points without any additional weapons teams, and a max of 14 points with all the fixins.

Truly, we have the best buoyant box in the entire god damn world.


To the Shores of Tripoli!

Manufactured by United Defense, the AAVP7 "Amtrak" replaced the LVPT-5 in 1972 as the US Marines Corps' primary assault transport. The AAVP7 and has served a multitude of conflicts around the world since its introduction Seeing Service in the intervention in Lebanon, Grenada, the Persian Gulf War, and the War on Terror.

The AAVP7 is slated to be replaced by the USMC with the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (which came in under budget and on time for once). The first shipment of which was delivered at the end of 2018. Whether it will actually replace the AAVP7 any time soon remains to be seen, just ask the M113 how that whole replacement thing goes. Meanwhile Japan is building an upgraded version called the AAV7A1.

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