A4 Skyhawk

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Battlefront does NOT approve of your infantry hordes, and the Skyhawk is here to say hello.

A 2nd generation aircraft that wouldn't be out of place in the Vietnam War, the Skyhawk was a multirole plane designed to carry bombs and later on, terribly inaccurate air-to-air missiles. Originally designed for the US Navy and Marines, it became one of the aircraft of choice for Western-leaning armies that couldn't afford more modern systems like the F-16.

In Team YankeeEdit

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In Team Yankee, the Skyhawk is a light bomber aircraft dropping a salvo template with AT7 and FP 5+, nearly identical to the AV-8 Harrier. While it lacks a 3+ call-in, the Skyhawk makes up for it with the ability to drop flaming jelly beans jellified gasoline on the enemy once per battle, but at the cost of 1 point per aircraft.

Napalm is a special rule, showing the IDF's disregard for the Geneva convention much like its imperialist masters. It uses the artillery template instead of a salvo, has anti-tank 1 and has a firepower rating of "Automatic" (not 1+ mind you, automatic). Additionally, any unarmoured vehicles and infantry will be forced to reroll successful saves, much like a Brutal gun.

Once hit by napalm, an infantry team only has a 43.7% to pass its save. Throw in a 3+ to hit and that's a 14.8% survival rate. In addition to pinning, Napalm excels at forcing your enemy to stay in their foxholes: the 85.5% survival rate drops to 55.6%. The anti-infantry salvo role might be served by your Cobra's rocket pods, but Napalm is a solution that is mathematically guaranteed to kill at least 40% of an infantry platoon without cover. Against Basij and other opponents counting on a massive blob of troops, your flaming jelly will stop them dead in their tracks and have a chance to start morale checks from the sustained casualties.

Unfortunately, this ability comes at a massive price. Skyhawks cost 3 points for two planes, and 6 points for four. Add one point per plane to outfit it with napalm bombs, and the cost jumps to 5 points and 10 points respectively. In effect, you are investing a huge chunk of points into a one-use-only anti-infantry weapon that ignores cover.

The Skyhawk is a niche unit that overlaps with Israeli's other anti- infantry offerings, but is suited to challenging 2019's infantry-spam meta (although virtually useless in any other role due to its pathetically low firepower).



The A4 Skyhawk was developed in the 1950s as a lightweight, carrier-based attack aircraft, the first jet-powered aircraft to replace the Korean War A1 Skyraider. It was used by the US up until after the Vietnam War, where they lost over 300 aircraft during the conflict. Israel however had become the biggest export customer for the A4, using them well until 2008 through a series of upgrades, used for both bombing runs and dogfights during the Yom Kippur War.

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