4chan CCG

The back of the 4chan cards

Some Anonymous made some mockups of cards for a CCG with the look and feel of 4chan, featuring memes. Best for 2-6 players, but can theoretically support any number.

MSE template: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B62K9E7Y

Photoshop template: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7WOVBDN4

These links do not work. Working links to the templates would be appreciated, however due to the lack of quality that 4chan has churned out and the never ending use of memes on Facebook, it might as well be a lost cause forever adrift.



Banned: When a card is sent to the 403 bin.
You: Someone playing The Game.
Your: See, You.
Meme: A card that may be placed into a Thread or 404'd .
Folder: The deck. If you cannot draw cards from Your Folder, You Fail.
403 Pile: The discard pile. A card in the 403 is no longer in the game.
404'd: The act of placing a Meme into the 404 Pile.
404 Pile: The discard pile. A card in the 404 is no longer in play.
Sage: Any card may be used as a Sage by playing it facedown. It has 0 AWESOME and 0 RAGE. It has no abilities, belongs to no board, and a carries a Report Cost of 2. A Sage counts as Your action for the turn.
The Game: You Lose.
Thread: A slot where Memes and Sages may be played. Whether it is a Good thread or a Troll thread is hidden from all players other than OP.
Thread Slot: A place where Threads may be created.
Troll Thread: A thread where more RAGE is better for the OP.
Good Thread: A thread where more AWESOME is better for the OP.
OP: The player who started a thread. The OP post cannot be a Sage. The OP post cannot be Reported.
Autosage: When a thread contains a number of cards equal to 2 + the number of players (e.g. 4 for a two player game). When a thread hits Autosage, it can no longer be played on. The OP is not counted when determining if a thread has Autosaged.
Report Cost: As Your action for the turn You may ban the last posted meme in a Thread by discarding cards from Your hand equaling the Report Cost of the Meme to be Banned.
Reported: When You pay a Meme's Report Cost.
Win: When You Win a Thread, you place one of the cards You Posted in the Thread in Your Win Pile.
Win Pile: You place any Memes aquired when You Win, here. If You hold the most Memes in Your Win Pile at the end of The Game, You win.
Wins: See Win.
WinRAR: What You want to be.
Fail: If You Fail, You lose The Game.

Meme TypesEdit

OP: Can only be posted as the OP post.
Reaction: Cannot be posted as an OP post.
Sauceless: Cannot be Reported. If You pay this card's Report Cost, it loses Sauceless.
Unique: Only one of this Meme may be in Your Folder at any time. When this Meme is 404'd it is instead placed in the 403 Pile.

Basic RulesEdit

Each player has 60 Memes in their Folder. At the start of your turn You draw Memes until you have 5 in Your hand.

  • Provided that there are still open Thread Slots You cannot post a card unless You are the OP of at least one non-Autosaged thread.
  • When you OP a thread, You put a Troll Thread/Good Thread token face down under the thread. No one else may look at this token until the thread has Autosaged.
  • When a Thread hits Autosage, the OP reveals the Good/Troll token. Count the total RAGE/AWESOME in the thread and determine which is higher. Apply the proper result based upon the Thread type and 404 all of the Memes in the Thread. The Token remains in the Thread Slot and may not be Posted on.
  • Once all Thread Slots are taken and all Threads are Autosaged The Game ends. If You have the most Memes in your Win Pile, a WinRAR is you.
  • Unless noted on a Meme its effects do not affect it (i.e. a Dorf has +1 AWESOME for each Dorf, It would not gain +1 From its self).

In a Good thread:

If there are more AWESOME points than RAGE points in this Thread the OP Wins.
If there are more RAGE points than AWESOME points in this Thread the and You are not the OP, but have Posted at least one Meme in this Thread You Win.

In a Troll thread:

If there are more RAGE points than AWESOME points in this Thread the OP Wins
If there are more AWESOME points than RAGE points in this Thread the and You are not the OP, but have Posted at least one Meme in this Thread You Win.

Tie GameEdit

In the event of a draw, one extra Thread is added. The player whose turn it is next gets to be that thread's OP. When the thread autosages, If You did not get an Epic Win, You Fail. If You are the only one Who Wins the Thread, You are now the WinRAR.

Optional Rule: Player CardsEdit

If every player agrees to it, they may start with a Player card under their control. This card provides a minor, continuous effect to all threads OP'd by the player. The Green Text in a player card is the only rules text - both Black and Red text are simply flavor.

Alternative Rule SystemEdit

In the discussion page.

Card DesignEdit

Title: Subject thread blue. RGB value 13, 17, 117. Font: Arial, minimum size 12.
LOL/RAGE values: A card should have a maximum of 8 for the total of both values, and a maximum of 6 for any given value. The less powerful a card's Green Text and Black Text, the closer to this upper limit it should be.
Green Text: When a card is posted, use its Green Text ability. Green Text abilities should be able to be forgotten about after the card takes effect - nothing continuous here. RGB value 120, 153, 34. Font: Arial, minimum size 8.
Black Text: All continuous abilities are in Black Text. If an ability has an effect that lasts more than the instant its played, put it here. Font: Arial, minimum size 8.
Red Text: Red Text is always in parenthesis (NOT QUOTES) and ALL CAPS, parodying (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST). This is the card's Flavor Text. Font: Arial, minimum size 10.
Report Cost: Minimum of 1, maximum of 4. Report cost represents the validity of the post: a card with a cost of 4 would be like a Touhou thread in /jp/ (unquestionably relevant), whereas a cost of 1 would be like guro in /c/. Use the character '•' (Alt+0149) instead of '*' if you can.
Boards: Each meme belongs to one or more boards, which determines how it is affected by other cards.
AWESOME/RAGE adjutment: Card effects should only apply to the thread they are in +/-4 should be the largest for a change to a single card, and should be for conditional boosts. (i.e., Furry Marine gets +2 RAGE for each /tg/ meme in the thread)

Note: All of the below cards now need to be updated.

Current CardsEdit

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Player CardsEdit

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