3.5 Tier Fixing

This is the practice of adjusting 3.5 mechanics such that every class is within the same tier. It's a relatively easy way to "fix" D&D 3.5 to a reasonable level, without having to outright brew up a whole new game. The more or less agreed-upon houserules from /tg/ for doing so are as follows.

  • All Tier 1 and 2 classes are banned unless otherwise noted. Things tier five or below are generally not advisable unmodified. Everything else is acceptable without modification unless otherwise noted.
  • Druids are okay if you use the Bard's spells per day table. Alternately, you can replace druids with the Wildshape variant Ranger.
  • Fighters add 1/2 their level to weapon damage and to initiative rolls. They can do Full Attack with a mere standard action. They get 6 skill points (+Int) per level. But you'll still be better off giving up on vanilla fighters and go Warblade.
  • Rogues and Warlocks merged together as a single Gestalt class
  • Healer class uses the Spontaneous Divine Casters variant from Unearthed Arcana.

/tg/ thread on desuarchive

A note from a graybeard who has found that Clerics can also be somewhat more balanced, and probably even used, in most campaigns:

  • Clerics are ok if using the Spontaneous Divine Casters variant rule (linked above) and the Bard's spells per day table.