"Excuse Me" Guy

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Once upon a time, in a universe not as far away as the one from a long time ago, there was a group of Terran Guardsmen instructed by a dirty Frenchman on how they were essentially going to attempt to pull off a suicidal plan they didn't fully understand. Fun was had by all.

In a completely unrelated event, one day an anon from /tg/ discovered a screencap depicting a redgoldshirt from Star Trek who asks Jean-Luc Picard a question about something while a look of worry sits upon his visage. This originated from a running joke in the Red Letter Media Star Trek reviews. That anon then did the natural thing and applied Warhammer 40,000 to it, as /tg/ is wont to do with all things. The result was a forced meme in which an Imperial Guardsman asks his Commissar a question, usually phrased "Excuse me sir/Commissar,-" which points out a flimsy or contradictory plot point in the Warhammer 40k universe. This was later spammed with increasingly inane questions, earning much ire.

Further versions were made to apply to other factions (with of course a cutting response usually following, such as an Ork questioner being told "SHUT IT GIT, I'Z DA BOSS AN' I'LL TELL YOU WHEN YOU GOTZ A QUESTION!").

Some have taken to calling him "Zathras". The name is based off of a minor character from the TV show, Babylon 5, as a spoof of his ability to ask questions despite continued *BLAM*; supposedly, there is an entire legion of "identical cousins" standing by to replace each Zathras after the inevitable *BLAM*, all of whom talk and think in such close harmony that only they can tell each other apart, exactly like his namesake from the show.


Now poorly animated by some faggot.

At this point in time (that being the later half of 2016), the meme has been spammed hard enough that even calling it a forced meme is a quasi-meme. Legions of angry pro-Excuse Me and anti-Excuse me fags come out of the woodwork to call each other assholes when it's posted again. People fling shit, everyone's false flagging and samefagging, it's a good time. Excuse Me threads are almost a seasonal pastime, someone decides to dredge the damn thing back up so he can troll and laugh at the easily offended board police. Or maybe there really is a cabal of people deliberately trying to force this it, desperately seeking to make their dream a reality and finally make Milhouse a meme. Who knows. At least it isn't Elf Slave, Wat Do?, I guess.